MCZ was visiting another school.

In the previous article, We reported that MCZ visited a school of Namie Town (Fukusima Prefecture) on March 11 (the 8th year after the Great East Japan Earthquake), According to today's news, it seems that MCZ visited one another elementary school on the same day.

According to an article by a local newspaper, another primary school visited by MCZ on that day is reported as 'Nakamura No.2 Primary School' in Soma City (Fukushima Prefecture).

It was triggered by the fact that the principal, who retired in this spring, sent a letter to the MCZ that 'I wanted to give a gift to the children' and 'I want you to make children fine according to the day of the earthquake'.

The plan was advanced secretly to the children.
On the day, a temporary memorial meeting is held at the gymnasium.
After the silent prayer, the stage curtain went up and MCZ appeared. The children greeted with great cheers with surprises, and some were moved by tears.

In the hit song 'Ikuze-Kaito-Shojo' whose members performed songs and dances, all the children danced to the songs, because they had an experience that the fifth grader showed the song at the past event.

MCZ sent a message 'You had a hard time, but we support you. Good luck!' to the child.
The children expressed their appreciation to the principal.
The principal commented, "The smiles of the children are seen and there is nothing to look back at with regret."