The video of "NAGASAKI LOVERS PROJECT" that MCZ publicizes Nagasaki has been released.

As we reported in an article two months ago, MCZ was appointed as an ambassador of "NAGASAKI LOVERS PROJECT", Youtube videos were released in which each member told "Favorite things of Nagasaki".

- The "Nagasaki Lovers Project" is a project that everyone should make the city of Nagasaki activating by 'Nagasaki Lovers Declaration' (=Posting "LOVERS board" declaring 'Nagasaki city's favorite things' to SNS.)
*The official site of the campaign is here.

In this video, each member declares about "loved things of Nagasaki" as follows.

[KANAKO] Tradition
-- There are so many things that have been handed down for hundreds of years and I felt that they were attractive.

[SHIORI] Delicious food
-- In addition to what I knew originally, I also felt that there is a lot of delicious things (Nagasaki specialty) that I know for the first time this time.

[RENI] Nice spots to the Instagram
-- Take a picture at the lantern festival, take a picture of the stone of the heart at the 'Glasses Bridge', take a picture of the Chinatown ... , so I thought it was fun because there were a lot of spots that nice to the Instagram.

[AYAKA] Generous people
-- I felt that everyone was very kind, warm and friendly.