The titles of songs included in the 5th album have been announced.

The titles of songs recorded on MCZ's fifth album 'Momoiro Clover Z' to be released on May 17 were announced.
The list (and English translation) is as follows.

1. Roadshow
2. The Diamond Four (Album lead number)
4. Anta-tobashisugi (means 'You're overdoing to much.')
5. Tamashii-no-tabemono (means 'Foods of soul')
6. Re:Story
7. Revival
8. Karei-naru-fukushu (means 'Brilliant revenge')
10. Lady May
11. Sweet Wanderer
12. Tengoku-no-detarame (means 'Absurdity in heaven')
13. The Show

And the bonus track is 'Momoclo-no-Reiwa-Nippon-Banzai.'

'Nippon-Banzai' is the same as the song title recorded on the bonus track of MCZ's first album 'Battle and Romance'.
This song's lyrics introduces all prefectures of Japan, but throughout the whole, the reconstruction of Tohoku afflicted by the Great East Japan Earthquake is desired.

In this album, "REIWA" inserted in the middle of that is Japan's new era name according to the new emperor.
Japan will be the era of "REIWA" from May 1st.