A limited-time music video was re-released all at once.

As a campaign for the release of MCZ's new album, live videos of four of the songs on the album were released one by one for a limited time until last week. (The videos were removed after the release.)

These are now available again on the official Youtube site. The songs that have been released are as follows

  •  'Itsu Datte Chousen-sya' (means 'Always a Challenger') [from MomocloMania2019 -ROAD TO 2020- The Biggest Pre-Opening Ceremony Ever DAY1]
  •  GET Z, GO!!!! [from MomocloMania2018 -Road to 2020- DAY1]
  •  'Katte ni Kimi ni' (means 'To you, without permission.')[from Momoclo Haru no Ichidaiji 2018 in Higashiomi City - Egao no Chikara Tsunageru Omoi - DAY2]
  •  DNA Rhapsody [from Momoiro Christmas 2019 - Mirror Ball in the Winter Sky - DAY1]