AYAKA is invited by YUKIRIN (AKB48).

On February 17th, in a talk show on MBS Radio called "Appare Yatte Ma--su", YUKIRIN (Yuki Kashiwagi) - a second student of AKB48, and the oldest member at the moment - made a comment about AYAKA Sasaki of Momoiro Clover Z.

During the show, YUKIRIN talked about how she would love to be friends with idols from other groups.

When another performer asked her what kind of idols she would like to have dinner with, YUKIRIN answered "MCZ."

She was also asked, "Who do you like in MCZ"? YUKIRIN said, "I like A-Rin," and "I want to talk about various things with her.

The program is inviting idols who want to get close to YUKIRIN to comment on Twitter. It will be interesting to see if AYAKA's answer will be posted.