HIKARU Yamamoto, a very popular bassist supporting MCZ, has released 2nd single.

A backing band called the "Downtown Shio-Koji Band" plays on the singing show "Odaiba Folk-Village NEXT," in which SHIORI Tamai regularly appears.

Since July of 2019, Hikaru Yamamoto has been participating in that band as the bassist, and has now released her second solo single song. It's titled "Noise," and it was composed by her.

Hikaru Yamamoto also accompanied Momoclo as a bassist at several outdoor festivals they attended in the summer of 2019, and charmed Mononofu with her wonderful bass playing technique.

In 2020, she was also the supporting bassist for "YOASOBI," which was the biggest hit in Japan and reached No. 1 on Billboard's Japanese charts, and she also appeared on the "Kohaku Uta-Gassen" on New Year's Eve.