MCZ wore a pink shirt in opposition to the bullying.

On their official Twitter page, Momoiro Clover Z posted a picture of the four of them all wearing pink shirts.

This was their participation in "Pink Shirt Day," a day when people around the world wear pink shirts to symbolize their opposition to bullying.

Pink Shirt Day is held on different days in different countries. In Canada, where it originated, it is held on February 27th every year, while in Japan, it is held on the last Wednesday of February.


MCZ has been actively involved in the "anti-bullying" movement for some time.

The major trigger was that a third-year junior high school student -Mononof- in Nagasaki, who died by suicide in 2014 as a result of bullying, left an essay that overlapped with his desire to eliminate bullying ,quoting from the MCZ song "Nippon-Egao-Hyakkei (means 'One Hundred Views of Smiles in Japan')" 

Don't read the air, just laugh.
Good fortune comes to those who laugh.

In response to the news, MCZ later invited his bereaved family to a live concert in Fukuoka, where they performed "Nippon-Egao-Hyakkei".

KANAKO also visited his home and stayed there for three hours, talking with his family about various topics and keeping in touch with them.

MCZ also participated in 'IJIMEQUEST 415 Stage.01' in Tokyo in 2019, an event aimed at eradicating bullying, and performed "Nippon-Egao-Hyakkei" here as well.