"Yucchan" playing MCZ songs on a street piano is popular.

In Japan, the number of street pianists who are active as Youtubers has been increasing rapidly since last year.

The most famous pianist is Harami-chan, who has more than 1.28 million subscribers.

At the "MOMOIRO Uta Gassen" ('Uta Gassen' means Song Battle) broadcasted at the end of last year, she played "Ikuze! Kaito Shojo" and performed with MCZ to great acclaim.

There is another street pianist who is an enthusiastic Mononofu.

Her name is "Yucchan" and she has already played 50 MCZ songs and posted them on youtube.

Of these, the most played song is "Ha-na-bi", which has been viewed 21,000 times as of now.

We would like the Mononofu of the world to see it because it is very nice.

Click here to see Yucchan's MCZ playlist.

The performance scene of "Hanabi"