AYAKA fan Shuta Ishikawa gave a shout out to RENI fan Teruaki Sato.

In an interview with a sports newspaper, Shuta Ishikawa, a pitcher for the Softbank Hawks of the NPB, commented on Teruaki Sato, a rookie player for the Hanshin Tigers.

Shuta Ishikawa is known as an ardent AYAKA fan, having performed with AYAKA at the New Year's Eve Live.

AYAKA has also sung a song for Shuta called "Shigoto-shiro (means 'Work it')".

On the other hand, Teruaki Sato, a rookie who joined the Hanshin Tigers this year, strongly showed his support for RENI in an interview when he joined the team; RENI also made comments on TV in support of Teruaki.

In this article, Shuta commented on Teruaki as follows.


Let's get excited.

We can make each other's baseball world more exciting and also spread the word about MCZ.

There will be a lot of names. Let's stimulate each other in a good way.

After we posted this blog, on March 5, the Hawks and Tigers held their opening game, and a direct confrontation between the two immediately took place.

Teruaki's first at bat against Shuta's pitcher was an unexpected home run.
This was a big story in all the sports newspapers and is already beginning to be called the "Mononofu Showdown."