MCZ is going to dominate professional baseball again this year.

According to an article in Sankei Sports, Masahiro Tanaka's (who will be pitching for the Rakuten Eagles after returning to NPB from MLB this year) appearance song for this season has been chosen to be "Ho-e-ro" by MCZ.

'HoeLo' was used as Tanaka's appearance song for the New York Yankees during the 2018 season. It will be his second appearance.

According to the same Sankei Sports, the ace pitcher of the SoftBank Hawks, who won the Japan championship last year, has been chosen to appear on stage with AYAKA's solo song "SPECIALIZER". 
A song with this title has never been released before, so it is believed to be a new song.

Since the Eagles and Hawks are both Pacific League teams, we can expect a showdown between the two pitchers.