RENI met with an early member, RUNA.

RENI posted on Instagram how she met freelance announcer Chinami Kawamata inside the NTV office building.

Chinami Kawamata used to go by her stage name, Runa Yumikawa.

Runa Yumikawa was one of the members assembled when Momoiro clover was formed.

At the time of their actual debut, the group had already undergone a change of members, and although she was not officially affiliated with the group, she is referred to as "term 0 members" by their fans.

RENI has mentioned on her blog and elsewhere that she has interacted several times with Runa (Chinami), who has since become an announcer.

She had met her before in Okayama and Hokkaido, but this time she encountered her at a TV station in Tokyo.

RENI once said, "When I was gathered into a new group, the first person I exchanged words with was RUNA.