The video of "A-rin wa A-rin" is now available on youtube.

It has been announced that a video product of Ayaka Sasaki's self-produced solo live "A-CHANNEL", which was held on July 12,2020 with distribution, will be released on June 11, her birthday, exclusively through MCZ's fan club "ANGEL EYES".

The theme of the live was "A-rin's (AYAKA's) growth" and it consisted of four parts (baby, kindergarten, student, and working adult), and the contents were full of Arin's personality, utilizing CG synthesis, trick images, and communication with fans via Zoom.

Today, the video of the song "A-rin wa A-rin (means 'A-rin is A=rin')" performed during the live has been released on youtube.

The voice of the witch that appears in the middle of the song is played by AYAKA's mother.