Teruaki Sato also adopted "Ho-e-ro".

As previously reported, the Tigers' hottest rookie, Teruaki Sato, who professes to be an ardent mononofu, yesterday, at the opening game of the season on his home turf, we learned that he had adopted "Ho-e-ro" as his appearance song for this season.

While "HoeLo" is the song MCZ provided for the 2018 Yankees' Masahiro Tanaka (who will play for the Eagles this season)

Teruaki had been listening to the song since he was playing college baseball, saying it was perfect for before a game and that he especially liked it.

RENI has promised to provide a solo song depending on Teruaki's performance. Teruaki has already hit two home runs in an official game, but he also has the most strikeouts in the league. It will be interesting to see what he does this season.