AYAKA becomes a hot topic in the Diet.

At a plenary session of the House of Councillors in the Japanese Diet today, there was an incident in which the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare, Mr. Tamura, mentioned MCZ's "Sayaka Sasaki" in his speech, which was reported in the media.

The Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare mistakenly referred to ”Sayaka Sasaki” as "Ayaka Sasaki," when in fact he should reply to "Sayaka Sasaki," a member of the Kanagawa Election District.

Some members of the opposition party made fun of it, saying, "Is this Momoclo's answer? 

The link is to an article in the Kanagawa Shimbun (Newspaper).



Today, the first person who noticed this news and contacted Producer Kawakami was Shiori, who is currently recovering at home from a coronavirus infection. (Reported via voice transmission by Producer Kawakami)