Digest video of 'AYAKARNIVAL 2020' has been released.

The digest video of "AYAKARNIVAL 2020" held on December 12, 2020 at TACHIKAWA STAGE GARDEN in Tachikawa, a suburb of Tokyo, was released on MCZ's official YOUTUBE.

"AYAKARNIVAL" is an event for idols organized and produced by AYAKA of MCZ, and this was the second time it was held.

In addition to AYAKA, five other groups performed in 2020: "Up Up Girls (2nd term)," "=LOVE (equal love)," "STU48," "EMPiRE," and "Coming Flavor (from SKE48).

This video is a digest of the part in which AYAKA appeared.

The event was streamed online on the day of the event, but no announcement has been made yet about the release of the Blu-ray or other media.