Further Update on SHIORI's Medical Condition.

MCZ manager KAWAKAMI gave a follow-up report on SHIORI, who was infected with coronavirus.

  • SHIORI is staying at home according to the instructions of the public health center. She is feeling tired but has no serious symptoms.
  • The PCR tests of the other members and staff have all come back negative as of today.
  • In addition, according to the public health center, the other members of the group do not fall under the category of "close contacts.

Based on these circumstances, the PCR test will be conducted again, and if the results are negative again tomorrow, the remaining three members will participate in the 'ITSUKI Fes'  from tomorrow.

The YOUTUBE broadcast scheduled for May 17 (as an alternative to the cancellation of the live concert due to the spread of the infection) has been cancelled due to the absence of Shiori, and another opportunity will be provided at a later date.