It was announced that SHIORI will appear in a movie to be released in the summer.

It has been announced that SHIORI of MCZ will appear in the movie "Machi no Tom Sawyer (means 'Tom & Sawyer in the City')" which will be released in Japan on July 30.

SHIORI will play a member of a group of four unidentified game creators. The film is set in various locations in the city, where the main characters, boys, go on deductions and adventures.

Today, the key visual and trailer were released.

SHIORI's comments were also announced. The translation is as follows.

 This film, with its adventures set in the city, is filled with the hope that people will cherish their dreams no matter what age they are.

 The future is infinite, and I think it's an amazing adventure to be able to move forward in any way you want.

 Starring in this film has made me want to venture into the future myself.