On the 13th anniversary of their formation, a new album was released digitally.

MCZ's second self-remake album, "ZZ's II," is now available on music distribution sites and streaming services.

"ZZ's II" was released today, May 17, the day Momoiro Clover was formed, and contains self-remade songs from past works that have been re-recorded by the four current members.

With the start of the distribution today, it was revealed that there are 10 songs in total, and that the last track is "Monoclo Dessan (meaning 'Monochrome Dessin') -ZZ ver.-".

"Monoclo Dessan -ZZ ver.-" is a self remake of the song "Monoclo Dessan" from their 3rd album "AMARANTHUS" released in 2016.

After MOMOKA's graduation in 2018, the song was difficult to perform because the lyrics reminded of "being and continuing to be five members", but AYAKA sang it solo in her solo concert recently and had a strong support.

In remaking "ZZ Version" this time, the lyrics of important parts of the song have been updated.

The album is now available on several platforms, but for Spotify, you can listen to it at this link.


Songs in the album (English translation)

  • tr 1. Wani to Shampoo (Alligator and Shampoo) -ZZ ver.
  • tr 2. Shiroi Kaze (White Wind) -ZZ ver.
  • tr 3. Mo-retsu Uchu Kokyokyoku Dainana gakushou 'Mugen no Ai' (Furious Space Symphony - 7th Movement "Infinite Love") -ZZ ver.- 
  • tr 4. Nippon Egao Hyakkei (One hundred smiles in Japan) -ZZ ver.
  • tr 5. Saraba Itoshiki Kanashimi Tachiyo (Good-Bye, my dear sorrows) -ZZ ver.
  • tr 6. Hai to Diamond (Ashes and Diamonds) -ZZ ver.
  • tr 7. GOUNN -ZZ ver.
  • tr 8. Gorilla Punch -ZZ ver.
  • tr 9. Mahoro Vacation -ZZ ver.
  • tr10.Monoclo Dessan (Monochrome Drawing) -ZZ ver.

The lyric video for "Monoclo Dessin (New Version)" was released on Youtube at midnight on the 18th, Japan time.