RENI and SHIORI watched a baseball game.

MCZ's RENI and SHIORI appeared live on Nippon Broadcasting System (radio)'s "Show Up Nighter" as special guests at the NPB game between Seibu and Hanshin held yesterday at MetLife Dome.

RENI watched the game live for the first time in the uniform of Teruaki Sato of Hanshin-Tigers, who he professes to be a fan of, but unfortunately Teruaki ended up with four hits and no hits that day.

All major sports newspapers reported on the MCZ's viewing of the game.

And Softbank pitcher Shuta Ishikawa,a famous fan of AYAKA and Mononofu wrote a consoling comment on Twitter, saying that Teruaki must be "bummed" that he couldn't play well.

RENI is also rooting for Teruaki and has already joined the Hanshin Tigers fan club.

She wants to go to Koshien Stadium (the home of the Tigers) to cheer him on after this.