SHIORI commented on her recuperation.

SHIORI, who has been recuperating at home from a coronavirus infection, updated her Instagram on May 17, the anniversary of MCZ's formation.

This is the first comment from her since she took a break from work.

The gist of the message is as follows.

Today, May 17th, Momoclo celebrates its 13th anniversary.

I'm sorry for your concern and inconvenience.

Please be assured that my health is recovering very well. I will be able to return to work in a little while.

It's our 13th anniversary, and I realized that I've walked as Momoiro for half of my life.

I've met so many friends, so many 'Mononofu', and so many people who have supported us as we've come this far.

I would like to continue to find new scenery with my best friends, while remembering and conveying my gratitude to everyone who has been involved.

Thank you so much for everything.

I hope you will continue to support us in our 14th year.


The next morning, producer Kawakami commented on Shiori's condition via his own voice transmission.

According to her, her condition is getting better, and according to her, the time when she was sick was quite different from a normal cold.

We look forward to her recovery.