SHIORI has been infected with coronavirus.

According to an announcement by the MCZ office, it has been confirmed that SHIORI has been infected with a new coronavirus.

The official statement is as follows..

Yesterday, Shiori Tamai herself complained of physical malaise, so we had her stay at home, and today, taking care of her, we conducted a PCR test and found her to be positive.

She is currently resting at home after being diagnosed by the medical institution as a mild case of headache and fatigue.

In the future, we will follow the guidance from the public health center, and together with the family, we will take careful measures to provide a period of recuperation and observation.

Also, according to the voice transmission from the manager of KAWAKAMI, she was not suffering from fever.

In addition, other members of the team and staff have been tested for PCR, which is currently negative.

It was announced that Momoiro Clover Z will participate in a festival held by legendary Japanese singer 'Hiroshi Itsuki' on the day after tomorrow, the 15th, and the three remaining members will discuss with the organizer whether they will participate or not.

We hope that Shiori will recover soon.