SHIORI returned to work from an evening news program.

After being infected with coronavirus and taking about 10 days off from work to recuperate at home, Shiori returned to work on a TV program on May 20.

The first program she appeared on was a nationwide news program called "Super J Channel" on TV Asahi.

The anchor of this program, announcer Yasushi Komatsu, is a mononofu who used to work with MCZ on many programs. (But he always wore red and was rooting for KANAKO.

A five-minute interview was broadcasted, in which Shiori thanked the people around her, told the viewers how difficult the illness was (it was different from a normal cold), and the importance of seeking immediate diagnosis when you suspect infection (Shiori did not seem to have much of a fever).

The following Instagram seems to have been taken after the broadcast with Yasushi Komatsu.