The episode of "Monoclo Dessin" was commented.

In both of MCZ's two regular radio shows this past weekend, episodes about the newly recorded "Monoclo Dessin" were commented.

In "Momoclo Club xoxo" on Nippon Broadcasting System, they talked about the recording process.

It seems that the last part of the chorus was recorded with all four of them holding hands and facing a single microphone.

When we looked back at the music video with this in mind, we could feel that the sound pressure was different only in the last part.

Also on FM Tokyo's "SUZUKI Happy Clover", there was a talk about the remade lyrics.

KANAKO said that the message of the song was "Let's move forward while cherishing the past.

It was announced that the newly added solo part by AYAKA expressed the colors of the past members.

The pertinent part is these lyrics.

The light shines on passion and the color pink is formed.

Wiping away tears, cherry blossom trees, love in my heart.

Perhaps "tears" are blue and "trees" are green. It seems that they are expressing.