The Metropolitan Police Department played "Ikuze! Kaito Shojo."

The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Band has released a video on Youtube of an orchestral performance of MCZ's "Ikuze! Kaito Shojo (means 'Let's go, thief girl!')".

On its official website, the Metropolitan Police Department uploaded the video with the comment, 

Momoiro Clover Z has been cooperating with the Traffic Safety Department of the Metropolitan Police Department in activities such as traffic safety classes as a traffic safety ambassador.

It may be comical for the Police to play the song "Thief" but it has the lyrics, 'we will steal "your heart."'

The Metropolitan Police Department's Band was established in 1948, and as the city's citizen's band, it has been involved in a wide range of musical activities, including performances for traffic safety, community safety campaigns, and music appreciation events at elementary and junior high schools.

The weekly "Wednesday Concerts" held in Hibiya Park have been held more than 1,000 times in total, and have become a favorite daytime concert for many people.

Their performance skills also seem to be very high, and Kenichi Maeyamada, who wrote the lyrics to this song, tweeted about the performance, saying it was cool.