A large scale summer concert was announced.

Yesterday, AYAKA of MCZ announced for the first time in Kawakami producer's internet streaming program about their big live performance this summer.

Last year, they had originally announced that they would perform a two-day concert at the MetLife Dome in Saitama Prefecture during the Tokyo Olympics.

However, as it turned out, due to the spread of the coronavirus infection, the summer concert could not be held with an audience at that place..

According to yesterday's announcement, MCZ will perform at the MetLife Dome on the weekend during the Tokyo Olympics (July 31 and August 1), just as they planned last year.

The title of the live was announced as "Summer Panorama Jigoku (means 'Hell') 2021 Survive!"

"Panorama Jigoku" seems to be a tribute to MCZ's live performance at Yokohama Arena in the spring of 2012, titled "Look Around and See Panorama Jigoku".

This was MCZ's first "center stage (circle shaped)" live, where the audience surrounded them 360 degrees. (The stage environment that the MCZ members suffered in was likened to "JIGOKU".)

It has already been commented that this summer concert will also be held at the "center stage".

Currently, in order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, a limit of 10,000 people per concert has been set in accordance with domestic rules. (MetLife Dome has a capacity of over 30,000 people.

Securing a ticket is going to be a battle with a very high ratio.