Hikaru Yamamoto will perform at Rockin' Japan.

As a member of the Downtown Momoclo Band (a.k.a. DMB), bassist (controls five strings) Hikaru Yamamoto, who accompanied MCZ on their festival tour before the Corona disaster, has also been working as a support bassist for YOASOBI since last year's big "Kohaku-Uta-Gassen".

Hikaru's TV appearances originally started when musician Konosuke Sakazaki (THE ALFEE) happened to find her on the Internet in the music program "Momoiro Folk Village" on CS Fuji TV NEXT, where MCZ was the MC.

Later, along with the national success of YOASOBI, Hikaru also made an appearance on Music Station (one of the most popular live music programs in Japan).

This time, Hikaru announced that she will be performing as a support bassist for YOASOBI at Rockin' Japan, the biggest summer festival in Japan, which will finally be held with audience.

We hope to see her perform together at MCZ's summer events as well.