It looks like there will be a collaboration between Noritake Kinashi and MCZ.

Legendary Japanese comedian Noritake Kinashi ('Tunnels') talked about Momoiro Clover Z on his radio show this morning.

A new TV program with Noritake Kinashi as the MC has just started on WOWOW (BS broadcasting), and the members of MCZ will be narrating the program one after another. The first time was done by SHIORI.

The producer of Kinashi's TV show is also Atsunori Sasaki, who directs MCZ's concerts.

Atsunori Sasaki has been directing TV programs for the 'Tunnels' for a long time and has a deep connection to both.

On his radio show this morning, Kinashi revealed that he and MCZ have plans to collaborate on music as well.

He then aired the song "Ikuze Kaito Shojo (means 'Let's Go, Phantom Thief Girl')" as the first song on the radio.