As reported in the previous article, today KANAKO ran in Shizuoka Prefecture (KANAKO's hometown) as a torchbearer for the Tokyo Olympics.

Although the details were not announced until just before the event, KANAKO ran inside the track at 'Ecopa Stadium' in Fukuroi City.

Ecopa Stadium is a familiar venue where MCZ's big summer concert "Toujinsai" was held in 2015.

In order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, people were asked to refrain from watching the torch relay, and there were no spectators in the stadium, but the event was broadcast to the world via NHK's streaming service. (link below)


KANAKO received the relay from the legendary Japanese soccer player, Masashi Nakayama.

Masashi Nakayama has twice participated in the World Cup as a forward for the Japanese national team, and made history in 1998 when he scored the first ever goal for the Japanese national team in France.

Since the next runner after KANAKO would be in Kakegawa City, which is away from the venue (the torch would be carried in the meantime), there was no one to relay the torch next, and it was once the goal was reached.