Ebichu sang in THE FIRST TAKE.

The younger sister group of MCZ, "Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku", appeared on the Youtube channel "THE FIRST TAKE".

"THE FIRST TAKE" is a popular channel where famous artists sing one after another under the theme of "one shot recording" (no reshooting). MCZ has yet to appear on the show.

Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku appeared in the 136th episode of "THE FIRST TAKE," which was released today.

In this video, member Ayaka Yasumoto, who had been inactive since last autumn, made her return to the media for the first time in 279 days.

After her solo live on October 10 last year, AYAKA Yasumoto took a break from her activities for treatment of malignant lymphoma.

As a result of the treatment, she announced her remission in April this year and gradually resumed her activities such as posting on SNS and producing live performances.

In the video released this time, the six members, excluding the new member who was announced to join in May, are singing "Nanairo (means 'Seven Colors' and '7-1-6')", a song released in 2017.

"Nanairo" is a song filled with feelings for member RINA MATSUNO (18 years old at the time), who passed away suddenly from illness in 2017.

AYAKA's return today, July 16, is RINA's birthday.