Information about MCZ's summer live performances is starting to get confusing.

Today, MCZ producer KAWAKAMI announced on his Twitter, "There is no plan to postpone. The members are still rehearsing today".

This was due to the fact that fans began to get confused when information about the "postponement" of MCZ's large-scale summer live scheduled to be held next weekend at the MetLife Dome in Saitama Prefecture with a paid audience.

The reason for this was that the official website of the MetLife Dome posted a notice that MCZ's live was "postponed.

According to KAWAKAMI, this was a false alarm.

All of the Tokyo Olympics events being held in the vicinity of Saitama Prefecture are being held without spectators, and some of the large-scale events at MetLife Dome scheduled for other days in August have already been announced as "cancelled".

MCZ's live concert is also just around the corner, and the management seems to be making preparations for its implementation.

We hope that the event will go ahead without any problems.