JA-NAMIE will hold a live concert in Yokohama.

JA-NAMIE, an idol group led by AYAKA of MCZ, was originally scheduled to hold a regular concert in Namie Town, Fukushima Prefecture on July 17.

However, due to the spread of the coronavirus, the performance was postponed as a result of discussions with Namie Town.

Today, it was announced on AYAKA's Instagram that JA-NAMIE will hold a performance with an audience in Yokohama (Bay Hall) on July 18 as an alternative.

The title of the concert is "297km no uta (means 'The song of 297km')" (297km is the distance between the venue in Yokohama and Namie town, Fukushima Prefecture).

This will be the first time in seven months that they have held an audience event in the Kanto area, since their live at TACHIKAWA STAGE GARDEN in Tokyo last October.

The event will also be broadcasted live on the official YouTube channel of the JA-NAMIE.