KANAKO fan idol "Chiffon" has announced her graduation.

Formed in 2012, the idol group "Yurumeru-Mo! (You'll melt more!)" has been active for a long time at about the same time as Momoiro Clover Z, announced today that two of its core members, "Chiffon" and "Kechon", will graduate from the group.

They will graduate from the group on October 10 at "Zepp DiverCity" in Odaiba, Tokyo.

"Yurumeru-mo!" is one of the "Gakkyokuha (means 'music-driven faction')" idol groups that emerged in the 2010s.

The producer, Taichi Take, has stated that he was inspired by Momoiro Clover Z's "Pinky Jones" to start producing idol groups.

One of their early killer tunes, "Nigero", is a masterpiece that pays homage to MCZ's "Hashire".

In the summer of 2017, when MCZ held a huge summer concert at Ajinomoto Stadium, Yurumeru-mo! was invited to the idol group festival that was part of the event, and "Nigero" was also performed in front of Mononofu.

One of the graduates, "Chiffon", is a big fan of KANAKO and has been posting her happiness on Twitter and Instagram when she performed with MCZ at these concerts.