MCZ has started a show with a legendary comedy group.

Momoiro Clover Z, along with the legendary Japanese comedy group "The Drifters", have started a new program called "Morif no jikan" on the Internet streaming broadcast (Nico Nico Live).

"The Drifters" are a group formed in 1956 that has done both music and comedy.

In 1966, when the Beatles visited Japan for the first time, they performed as the opening act at the Nippon Budokan.

Later, their signature TV comedy show, "Hachiji da yo Zenin shugo (means 'It's 20:00. Gather around.')" received a viewership rating of 50.5% in 1973. This was the highest viewership rating in the history of Japanese variety shows.

The new "Morif no Jikan" is a monthly talk variety show where The Drifters and Momoclo interact across generations.

The two groups, with an age difference of more than 50 years, will share their culture and values with each other through talk and games.

The first half of the program will be distributed free of charge (you can also watch the archive from the link below), but to watch the second half, you will need to join the channel for 880 yen per month.