MCZ's special radio program will be broadcasted.

MCZ is in charge of the regular program "Momoclo Club xoxo" on Nippon Broadcasting System. This year marks the tenth year since the program started.

This time, "Momoclo Club xoxoEX (Extra)" will be broadcast live from July 20 (Tuesday) to 23 (Friday) at a different time slot on the same Nippon Broadcasting System, with the members acting as personalities in turn.

This time, the program will be broadcasted as a special program and will focus on each member four times in total. On the first day (Tuesday, 20th), Reni, on the 21st (Wednesday), Ayaka, on the 22nd (Thursday), Shiori, on the 22nd (Thursday), and on the last day (Friday, 23rd), Kanako will be the personalities in charge of the program. They will talk for 50 minutes.

During this period, Nippon Broadcasting System usually broadcasts live NPB professional baseball games.

This year, NPB will be temporarily suspended due to the Tokyo Olympics being held. It seems that MCZ was appointed to the program at that time. We're looking forward to it.