SHIORI's stage greeting for the movie has been released.

Today, MCZ's SHIORI took the stage to greet the public for the movie "Tom Sawyer in the City" in Tokyo.

The scene where she greeted the audience on the stage is now available on video.

SHIORI plays the role of Julius Warner, who is in charge of the 'programming', and made the following comments in her greeting today.

"I'm Shiori Tamai, and I play the role of Julius Warner, and I hope you will enjoy this film, which will brighten your spirits in the midst of a dark world.

"One of the charms of this film is that it is about young people who are going for their dreams. ...... "Young people," I guess I've reached that age.

"One of the appealing things about this film is the young people who are pushing towards their dreams. I also hope that students will watch it a lot.