A special report video for MCZ's musical to be held at Meiji-za in autumn has been released.

A special report video has been released for MCZ's first stage show in two years, "Momoclo-Ichiza Special Performance" (September 25-October 4, Meiji-za).

In the video, it was revealed that Kohei Otomo (65) of the legendary Japanese rock band Hound Dog will be making his first appearance on stage.

Also, a synopsis of the story was announced. The story seems to be as follows.

"A college student majoring in marketing and looking for a job, played by Shiori, comes to her grandfather's theater, which has been closed down, to shoot a video for her entrance exam assignment, and suddenly goes back in time.

When she moves to the end of the Meiji era, she meets three girls who love the play.

There, they are caught up in a fire at Otomo-za, the symbol of the town.

The chairperson and others are disheartened, but SHIORI takes the lead in a project to rebuild the theater.

With only about a month and a half until the stage, We are concerned about the health of the MCZ members (KANAKO and AYAKA).

We hope they can make it to the opening day safely.