Details of AYAKA's comment video

We have translated the main part of AYAKA's greeting into English regarding the audio transmission accompanying her discharge from the hospital, as mentioned in the previous article.

Please refer to it if you are overseas.

I'm out of the hospital as of today! I'm so sorry for the trouble and worry I've caused everyone!

Although the symptoms of facial paralysis still remain and I am not fully recovered, the doctor in charge gave me permission to leave the hospital and to gradually return to my activities.

I am hoping to return to work as soon as I can.

My physical condition is perfect, as I was able to get enough rest, and I plan to return to work while doing rehabilitation.

I'm feeling better now, and I just have to hang in there a little longer, so I'll do my best.

It was announced that "Momoclo Natsu no Panorama Jigoku 2021" would be postponed to September 19 and 20, but these dates were set based on AYAKA's wishes.

As of now, I am rehabilitating with the aim of returning at the "@JAM EXPO 2020-2021" on August 29th.

It's not that I'm pushing myself too hard or anything, the doctor has given me permission to aim for August 29th, and if I can't perform, I'll have to ask the members again, but I hope to be able to show up at @JAM on August 29th with a pretty face. I'm going to do my best in rehabilitation as my motivation.



Anonymous said…
I love your page about Momoiro Clover Z. Thank you for the translations
Thank you for your comment.
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