Footage of MCZ's appearance at a music festival has been released.

Footage of MCZ's appearance at the ROCK IN JAPAN FESTIVAL in 2019 has been released on the internet video streaming site GYAO!

(You can probably view it from overseas without restrictions.)

It will be available for a limited time of one month after this.

ROCK IN JAPAN FESTIVAL is Japan's largest outdoor rock festival, held every August at the National Hitachika Seaside Park in Hitachinaka City, Ibaraki Prefecture.

MCZ has performed there for three years in a row since 2017, but last year and this year the event was cancelled due to the spread of coronavirus.

On the day that the event was originally scheduled to take place in 2021, video feeds of each artist are available.

MCZ will be able to see the "Hashire" in 2019.