Mononofu Olympian contributed to the "historic victory."

As reported earlier, water polo player Takashi Arai, who participated in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics as a "Mononofu representative," so to speak, by striking the "Z pose" for international footage during the opening ceremony of the Games, played his final match of this tournament (preliminary round) yesterday.

Japan's men's water polo team had lost four straight games in the preliminary league, and had already been eliminated from Group A.

Yesterday, Japan played their final match against South Africa and won 24-9.

Japan failed to win a single game at the last Rio de Janeiro Games, their first appearance in 32 years, and yesterday's victory was their first in 37 years, since 1984 in Los Angeles.

Takashi Arai scored a team-high four goals in the win.

This weekend, instead of the postponed summer concert, MCZ planned to stream the past live performances (summer 2020 and winter 2019) on Youtube.

Many Mononofu enjoyed communicating with each other in the comments section of Youtube. 

To our surprise, Takashi Arai was also one of the many people there. Apparently, he was watching that streaming live in the athletes' village.

Although the match was scheduled for the next day, Takashi posted comments such as "I'm going to watch MCZ live to refresh myself" and "I'm definitely going to win tomorrow".

Mononofu noticed this and responded with "I'm rooting for you" and "Keep up the good work" and so on.

Takashi Arai lived up to their expectations and earned a historic win.

After the game, a commemorative photo session was held with the Japanese national team, which is just disbanded, and he was the only one doing the "Z pose" there again. (photo below)