Olympians are also watching MCZ's live streaming together.

Tonight, as yesterday, MCZ's past live broadcasts are being streamed from 7:00 p.m. (JST).


In the meantime, Atsushi Arai, who is representing Japan in the TOKYO 2020 water polo competition, tweeted on his Twitter account last night, "I'm going to change my mind and win the final game by watching MCZ's streaming live."

Atsushi uses MCZ's live performance as his banner image on Twitter, and in the self-introduction section, he simply wrote "Japan's national water polo team, no affiliation, Mononofu" and used the Z pose as his icon.

At the opening ceremony of Tokyo 2020, he performed the "Z pose" in the international video of the Japanese team marching, and has suddenly attracted a lot of attention among mononofu.

He may be watching the same show today.

Unfortunately, Japan's water polo team has lost four straight games in the first round, but they have a final game against South Africa tomorrow. 

We look forward to seeing the Mononofu in action.