RENI will be throwing out the first pitch at Koshien Stadium.

RENI will throw out the first pitch at the Hanshin Tigers vs. Yomiuri Giants game to be held at Hanshin Koshien Stadium in Hyogo Prefecture on September 5.

Koshien Stadium is famous as a mecca for baseball among Japanese high school students, and is currently hosting the summer National High School Baseball Championship.

It is also beloved by fans as the home of the Hanshin Tigers, one of the most popular baseball teams in the NPB's Central League.

MCZ has thrown out the first pitch for other teams several times, but this will be the first time for RENI to appear solo for the first pitch.

Influenced by newcomer Teruaki Sato, who professed to be a fan of RENI this year, RENI has become an enthusiastic fan of the Hanshin Tigers this spring.

In one of RENI's recent videos, she says that she became so interested in baseball that she bought a pitching machine in her room and started practicing batting. (She was scolded by her mother for it...)

On the occasion of the first pitch, RENI made the following comment.

 I'm so happy and honored!

 I'm nervous now, but I'm going to practice pitching well and try my best to make it a great start to the game!