The video of KANAKO's song in the movie has been released.

On KING Record's official Twitter page, a video of KANAKO singing the song "Akai Genka" (means 'Red Phantom Night') from the movie "Sukutte Goran" released in the spring of this year, starring KANAKO, has been released.

The movie is scheduled to be released on Blu-ray next month on September 15, and this is part of the PR.

The first limited edition is said to come with a CD containing 16 songs sung by the cast.

KANAKO's song is included in the CD.

The following is a recent update on KANAKO from MCZ producer Kawakami.

Yesterday, I talked to Kanako.

She has a cough, but the situation is not serious. 

However, her sense of taste has become dull.

KANAKO and AYAKA are currently resting with the aim of returning at the @JAM EXPO on August 29th.