Today is the day of "Wani to Shampoo".

The song "Wani to Shampoo (meaning 'Crocodile/Alligator and Shampoo')" from Momoiro Clover Z's 2011 album "Battle and Romance" is not a single song, but one of the songs on the album, but it is still very popular.

It is played at almost every large scale live concert in summer.

At the timing of this song, a huge water cannon is fired, and the audience always gets soaked.

This song is about August 31 (that is, today).

In many schools in Japan, the summer vacation, which has lasted more than a month, ends today and school starts tomorrow.

And one of the characteristics of the summer vacation in Japan is that there is a lot of homework to be done.

Children have so many fun events going on during the summer vacation that they put off doing a lot of homework, and today they are busy cleaning up after themselves.

The song "Wani to Shampoo" sings in this situation, "I can't finish my homework, I can't finish my homework, I can't all.."

We checked Twitter and found that more than 100 tweets containing the word "Wani-shan" (short for "Wani to Shampoo") had already been posted by this evening.

Everyone seems to be having a tough time today.