Tomoyasu Hotei posted his memories of MCZ.

Legendary Japanese rock musician and guitarist Tomoyasu Hotei, who now lives in London, updated his Instagram to show a past photo of him with MCZ members.

Hotei first connected with MCZ in 2012 when he composed their song "Saraba Itoshiki Kanashimi tachiyo (means 'Good-bye My Beloved Sorrow')".

At that time, his manager had turned down the offer from MCZ's side. However, a friend of Hotei's, radio DJ Chris Pepler, strongly recommended that Hotei should definitely accept the offer, which led to the creation of the song.

This song led Hotei to perform with MCZ at their live concert at Nissan Stadium in the summer of 2013, where they performed some songs together.

In this Instagram post, he reflects on this memory and comments as follows..

It was 8 years ago today.

I was a guest at "Momoiro Clover Z - Momoclo Natsu no Baka Sawagi WORLD SUMMER DIVE 2013 8.4" at Nissan Stadium. 

From the performance of "Kimigayo" at the torch stand to "PUSH", "Saraba Itoshiki Kanashimi Tachiyo" and "Bambina", I enjoyed myself with Momoiro Clover Z. I missed it.

You are already wonderful ladies. 

Let's get together again sometime.