KANAKO sang a special "Hoero" in Sendai.

As reported earlier, Momoiro Clover Z sang "Hoero" before the start of the NPB game between Rakuten and Orix at Rakuten Seimei Park Miyagi (Sendai City) today.

Various videos taken from the spectators' seats can be seen on twitter, and it seems that KANAKO's solo part at the beginning was different from the usual.

The long tone of the song "Hoeroooooo...." was so long that the audience in the stadium was in awe.

In the middle of the game (between innings), they wore happi coats and danced in support of the team.

Thanks to these efforts, Rakuten overwhelmed the Orix 7-0. 

- The cheering part of the game between innings was also relayed by Producer KAWAKAMI on Twitter. (The archive is still there.)