"Kuro Fes" featuring MCZ will be released on "Miruhako".

The official website of JOYSOUND, Japan's largest karaoke box chain, has announced that "Kuro Fes" will be available on "Miruhako".

As previously reported, "Kuro Fes" was a music festival organized by Shigeru Matsuzaki on September 6, where Momoiro Clover Z performed four songs.

"Miruhako" is a service that allows users to enjoy such live music performances using the video and audio equipment of a karaoke room.

Nowadays, this service is also widely used for live viewing of live broadcasts.

Unlike movie theaters, this service has the advantage of allowing people to enjoy themselves while eating and drinking and making noise with their friends. (For a while longer, though, we'll have to pull myself together to prevent corona...)

According to the announcement, it will be available as a new content around the end of October.

Some live concerts charge several thousand yen for the content, but this "Kuro Fes" seems to be free.

You only need to pay for the karaoke room to enjoy the live.

We're looking forward to it.