Legendary idols that MCZ respects got married two at once.

This morning in Japan, the news of two legendary male idols announcing their marriage was more widely reported than the news of a new prime minister being elected.

The marriage announcement was made by two members of "Arashi", Sho Sakurai and Masaki Aiba, who each announced at the same time that they had married their long-time girlfriends.

Arashi is famous for its close ties to Momoiro Clover Z.

In the early days of MCZ, the members and their manager used to drive around Japan to conduct campaigns.

At that time, MCZ members were watching a DVD of Arashi's live performance at the "National Stadium" in the car.

That was the beginning of the early MCZ's goal to perform at the "National Stadium."

And in 2014, on the day MCZ's live at the National Stadium became a reality, Sho Sakurai of Arashi visited the venue and congratulated MCZ.

After the 2018 Tokyo Dome concert, the four-member MCZ has set a goal to hold another concert at the "New National Stadium", which was rebuilt for the Tokyo Olympics.

Last year, Arashi announced that they would temporarily suspend their activities (but not break up), and at the before of their suspension, they performed at the "New National Stadium".

In a recent TV program, Shiori said the following.

"In order to be like Arashi, In order to establish a form of 'Momoclo' when the four of us get together, we have to work one by one , we need to make our individual activities more fulfilling."