MCZ became a police chief again this year.

In Japan, the "National Traffic Safety Campaign for Autumn" is being held for 10 days starting today, September 21.

To commemorate the campaign, MCZ's RENI and AYAKA became "Police Chiefs for a Day" at the Metropolitan Police Department's Ikegami Police Station (Ota-ku, Tokyo) on September 12.

MCZ usually participates in many police events as part of their social contribution.

The video of the event is now available on the official YouTube channel of the Metropolitan Police Department. (This is a limited time offer.)

During the event, RENI and AYAKA read "Senryu" poems. "Senryu" is one of the shortest poems in the world, and is a poetic phrase expressed with 17 Japanese characters (5, 7, 5).

Their poems are as follows.


All together.

Safety check.

Be sure.


Look closely.

Your lives.

Protect them.