MCZ performed at Shigeru Matsuzaki's festival.

Monoiro Clover Z performed yesterday at "Kuro Fes 2021 - Black and White Song Contest", a music event organized by singer Shigeru Matsuzaki at the Tokyo Garden Theater in Ariake, Tokyo.

Ever since 2012, Shigeru Matsuzaki has been appearing as a guest at MCZ's big live shows to announce MCZ's next challenge (holding live shows, appearing on stage, etc.).

This is the seventh year of this festival, and MCZ has performed at all of them.

This year's festival was limited to 2,000 people, a quarter of the venue's capacity of 8,000, in order to counter the spread of the new coronavirus.

When interviewed, MCZ commented, "Matsuzaki-san always cheers us up, and maybe we are sucking each other's energy."

She also said about the stage at the Corona disaster, "The moment we work together, we feel happy."

After the performance, the members showed off shots on Instagram.