MCZ will appear as a "talk guest" on a major music program.

This year marks the 47th year of Fuji Television's traditional music program, "FNS Kayou sai (Music Festival)", and for the first time, an "autumn" broadcast has been planned and announced.

Momoiro Clover Z's name was also listed in the list of performers, but its role was listed as "talk guest."

Since the subtitle of the program is "Great songs and great performances that you want to see again," we can assume that the content will be a look back at past VTRs.

There are many other musicians listed in the announcement, but only two seem to be listed as "studio live". (Naniwa Danshi and Umamusume Pretty Derby. -- I'm also interested in "Umapiyoi" for a bit.)

The show will air on October 7.